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With over 25 years of experience, Insta-Pipe Trenchless Pipe Repair can repair sewer lines and repair drain pipes with Sewer pipe lining services in Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle area. Don’t trench your property when you can take advantage of our pipe lining evaluation and services.

An Insta-Pipe pipe lining specialist will to travel to your site for a complete pipe lining evaluation to see if you can benefit from trenchless sewer pipe lining. Our commitment to doing the job right the first time begins with a strategic consultation. We meet you face to face during which we evaluate your sewer and drain needs and explain our installation methods, procedures and the technical aspects of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining. At Insta-Pipe, our goal is to devise a solution that is best for you, best for the environment, and best for the future.

As of Oct. 1, 2010, Tacoma property owners are recommended to have a certified inspection of their private side sewers and other sources of inflow and infiltration prior to the sale or transfer of a home or business, major remodeling or any construction over an existing side sewer. Read More Here


Sewer Pipe Lining System - Trenchless Pipe Repair

What is Sewer Pipe Lining and the Process?

Insta-Pipe uses the Perma-Liner Sewer Pipe Lining System as an alternative to digging and replacing residential and commercial sanitary sewer pipes. Easy installation and minimal disruption make system the smart choice for sewer repair.

How The Sewer Pipe Lining System Works

A Sewer Pipe repair can be completed in less than one day. The sewer line is cleaned and inspected with a mini inspection system. The measurement of the lateral length is taken. The liner material is then measured and cut on site. The proper amount of epoxy resin is measured and mixed. The tubular pipe lining is impregnated with the resin and loaded into our inversion unit. The material is then launched from a single access point through 22’s, 45’s and sweeping 90’s. The liner is ambient cured in 3 hours. YOUR SEWER PIPE IS PUT BACK INTO OPERATION THAT SAME DAY.

 Key Benefits: 

  • Eliminates Root Intrusion
  • Stops Infiltration/Ex-filtration
  • Bridges Missing Sections of Pipe
  • Renews Pipe Life to Minimum 50 Years per ASTM F1216 Third Party Testing
  • Relines Virtually Any Material, Clay, Cast, Etc.
  • Stand Alone design/No Host Pipe Needed
  • IAPMO Approved & NSF Standard 14 Certification



InnerSeal System - Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

What is the InnerSeal System and the Process?

The InnerSeal Pipe Repair System is an easy and non-intrusive way to repair Lateral Pipeline and Main Line Sewer connection problems. This system allows us to fix multiple sewer connection problems per day without interrupting service for an extending period.

The unique pipe lining materials are designed to be placed from within the main sewer pipeline and launched into the lateral creating a water tight seal at the main / lateral sewer connection point. The lateral is also lined at the same time, repairing damaged sewer pipe sections and preventing roots from growing into the pipeline

InnerSeal Pipe Repair System Advantages

  • Ease of Installation
  • Ambient Cure
  • Meets ASTM F 1216 Specs
  • Eliminates Roots Intrusion
  • Repairs Lateral Connections
  • Re-Line Diameter Transitions
  • 3” to 8” Laterals
  • Average 3 to 4 Installs a Day
  • Seals with Existing CIPP Lining
  • Formulated Epoxy Resins
  • Non Styrene Resin
  • 3rd Party Independent Tested
  • Stops Infiltration / Ex-Filtration
  • Seal Open Joints
  • 6” to 24” Mains
  • True Inversion Process
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years
  • No Digging in the Street


Sectional Point Repair - Sewer Pipe Lining

What is Sectional Point Repair and the Process?

It is no longer necessary to reline a pipe from manhole-to-manhole in order to repair one section of pipe. Now we can simply reline the area in need of repair. Insta-Pipe uses the Perma-Liner™ Point Repair System which consists of a fiberglass reinforced Liner and Ambient Cured Resins.

The sectional point pipe repairs are manufactured and delivered in a complete kit form. Each kit is sized to suit the diameter, length, and external loads of the sewer pipe. This process involves attaching the sectional point repair to a specialized bladder, then positioning the bladder over the damaged area inside the host sewer pipe.

The bladder is then inflated and held in place until the thermo-setting resin is cured. Access points are required through upstream and downstream manholes. Prior to installation of the sectional point repair, the host sewer pipe is cleaned and free of any foreign objects. This will allow adhesion to the host pipe material with the Point Repair.


Perma-Patch System - Sewer Pipe Lining

What is the Perma-Patch System and the Process?

The Perma-Patch system can repair sewer pipe laterals with small cracks, holes or joint separations without excavation.

Through an open cleanout, a technician inserts a push cable and a reusable, inflatable bladder used to affix an epoxy-coated fiberglass mat over the damaged area. Once inflated, the bladder remains in place for three hours. When it is removed, the repaired pipe area is a structurally sound new pipe. 

The Perma-Patch system is much quicker and more cost effective than digging out a sewer pipe and replacing it, and the patch has a minimum life span of 50 years.

The patch, designed for 4 and 6 inch pipes, is affixed with 100 percent solids epoxy resins that work even on wet surfaces. The resins come pre-measured. Low odor makes them easy to use indoors.

 The resins are ambient cured; no external heat source is needed. Several patches can be installed in a day to repair multiple pinholes and cracks throughout the damaged pipe.



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